July 14, 2005 11:38 PM

I was going to quit today, but since I was 'terminated' anyway due to my below-quota performance these last three nights, I didn't get the chance to. Honestly, I'm disappointed I couldn't quit, I had scathing exeunts all planned out -- "You have a dollar bottom line, and I have mine", and "I think I'm more interested in campaigning for fair labor standards than mercury", and "fuck off!" In any case, I'm thrilled that it's over, even though I had to waste a good week to figure out how much of a shit deal it was. On an optimistic note, one other canvasser quit today, and another one will very soon. And I'm looking into the legitimacy of the organization's pay scheme, so I can shaft them if they're violating any laws. All I know is, tomorrow is going to be great.