July 23, 2005 8:33 PM

I was stung by a bee. I had no allergic reaction, it kind of hurt and is a little itchy. And to think it died for that. What a dope.

I've been behaving pretty mopey and ineffectual lately. I've mostly been eating a lot and staying around the house, watching lots of Law & Order. I can't even listen to much music, since my good headphones are far away in New York being repaired. I blame canvassing for indirectly fucking my flow up, that's really the only explanation. I was doing fine before that whole ordeal.

Today after work I got a bunch of really awesome records for 90 cents. I wish I could meet whoever donated them, because they had some bizarre (great) taste -- Amon Duul II (I almost got Phallus Dei, their first record, except it was just the sleeve), vaguely obscure disco (Greg's Gang), a very decent record by the Roches (Nurds, with help from Television's Fred Smith and Patti Smith's Jay Dee Daughtery), and a couple promising early electronic/musique concreté records. I also got a Folkways record, Field Trip -- England, with a bunch of traditional English ditties, and a record of people talking about pool and being newspaper reporters, which sounds absolutely surreal because I can't play 78s.