October 7, 2005 9:40 AM

So now I have DSL at my home. Which is pretty great, if kind of slow (5-7kbps, sometimes!). I think we're considering getting that nice 1.5/1.5MB pipe. I like snappy broadband, what can I say.

Right now I'm on my job. I work at KAOS, the local community radio station. OK, so I'm not doing work, but honestly, there isn't much for me to do. I more or less just answer the phone, take messages, shuffle information onto a event calendar, and write out PSAs (public service announcements) and community for-sale/wanted ads. After I'm done with that, I just idle around. Actually, I'm spending quite a bit of time around the station, since not only do I work here, but volunteer as well. I'm taking a 6-week-once-a-week course to become a programmer/operator on the station. I'm not really interested in a radio show -- or, actually, I wasn't interested in a radio show before I started the course -- but joined to do audio engineering, the mic'ing and mixing of live bands when they go on the air. But frankly, the idea of getting a radio show has become very attractive -- when else would I be able to play great records for people, in real-time and to a audience of over 50 square miles? I've already constructed a million variations of a playlist in my head for when I go on air (I have a half-hour slot to fill on 'rookie radio').

All in all, everything's been pretty low-key. Besides work I have evening courses in "Introduction to Music Technology", "Audio Recording 01", and "Introduction to Two-Dimensional Art". I hate to say it, but I'm actually far more bored than I am excited in these classes. I'm familiar with most of the stuff we're covering in both the music classes, so there's nothing revelatory happening, and my 2D art course is seriously a carpet rub on the face. I'm trying to wedge my way into the higher recording class next quarter, but there's no guarantees.

Also, if anyone wants a copy of Mind Game, let me know. It's like Waking Life married to some Charlie Kaufman-like script, with Japanese quirks. It flips through dozens of animation techniques like it's no big deal. I might also have Masaaki Yuasa's (the director of Mind Game's) earlier short film Cat Soup soon, so you might get that as an additional bonus.