October 14, 2005 5:42 PM

Here's two pieces I put together at my school's music techonology lab. For the adventurous listener; these aren't pop songs.

click.mp3: A 6-foot tape loop, done on 1/4" with a Tascam 34 four-track. I chopped up two samples on the computer (cheating!) and looped them -- the clicking igniter of my gas stove, and a ice tray sliding off its rack and cracking ice. I ran the igniter loop through a MidiVerb delay to spice up the rhythm, and while recording the ice tray loop fiddled with an AKG BX10 plate reverb on the left and right channels.

kronos.mp3: This bit was done with a record player, mixer, and two Tascam 34's, in one take. I rigged the second Tascam up as a tape delay, and basically fiddled with feedback loops coming through the mixer and the record speed. The opening part is the entire piece being rewound. The record is of the Kronos Quartet and Terry Riley's "Sunrise of The Planetary Dream Collector".