December 17, 2005 7:38 PM

I'm so glad that Amazon has not excluded the metrosexual friend in our lives these holidays. I'm not sure exactly how the suggestions are dramatically different from the Business Associate, Busy Professional, Design Addict, Urban Sophisticate, or Fashionista, except for the hip-hop violinist album, which is just plain confusing (like metrosexuals?).

But seriously, one of the guides actually was useful to me (I can't remember which, but it wasn't the Dad one). I'm thinking of getting a Mr. Bento lunch jar for my dad. They actually distinguish it from a Ms. Bento model -- apparently women like less food and less choices? Anyway, seems like it might be neat. I still to figure out my mom's gift, besides a subscription to Cook's Illustrated (which I might have to get for myself too, it's seriously a good magazine).