January 6, 2006 12:10 AM

I've made an important decision today: I'm using Apple Lossless from now on, when importing from the source. There's no point in me using MP3s anymore, even though LAME-encoded VBR's are very respectable. I have plenty of space -- over 140GB still -- and my iPod can take it. So there it is. I'm investing in the future!

I've spent a lot of money this Christmas, although it's mostly been negated by the fact that I was spending Christmas money. I bought a bunch of weirdo mics and the This Heat box set (45 pounds! not weight, money!). I'm planning on getting some new drum heads, mic stands, and some cables as well. I'm frugal, though, so this all is going for around $500 -- maybe only a little more than what I got for Christmas and my birthday (which is soon!). Sounds like a lot, I know, but I hardly spend money on myself, and believe me, I've negotiated my purchases a thousand times over. Some of it is practical, boring things that I just need (mic stands? drum heads?). I would never make it as a rich man.

My friend's shooting to be a medical anthropologist. It makes me feel like a hack going for a pseudo-technical trade like audio recording. Oh well.