April 4, 2006 2:10 PM

I've basically taken it upon myself to digitize the community radio station's worthwhile singles. It's a pretty ridiculous undertaking, as their collection numbers in the 500+ range, although many just look terrible (you have to judge by looks if you want to make any progress, unfortunately). Punk and new wave singles attract me the most, as they're generally designed in a quite striking manner (patterns, bright big shapes, weird images). Most of the ones I'm choosing are pre-1990, since I figure most after that period can be found elsewhere, not to mention the worthwhileness of the singles seem to dramatically decline at that point (market saturation, I think). At the end of this, though, I'll have found out a huge number of new groups, and will be putting together a neat little (actually, probably enormous) compilation of all of them. I feel like a "real" record collector, obsessed and dusty. After this, there's still the LPs! It's/I'm a little insane.