May 13, 2006 11:45 PM

I think I tend forget that not everything has to be a glossy egg birthed from a dense, black theoretical hole, and that you can you do things without much deliberation or reason, and even if it's simply to acknowledge that you can feel it and that you're physically and mentally capable of it. There isn't much use in planning for a day where, by the time you feel you're ready for it, you're too feeble and out-of-touch with the way you move to actually make it happen.

I really enjoyed today. I played 3 new instruments (accordian, stand-up bass, and a Farfisa Pianorgan), and guitar for the first time in a long while. Did a little running, and walking, and talking. Generally, very important things, more important than my Max/MSP bleepy-bloop music. I'm going to have to buy a Pianorgan of my own now, it's really a gorgeous sound.