September 8, 2006 6:55 PM

This is how I see radio:

The show will be called "Kashi with Hashi." A theme/introductory song will be penned by either myself or my friends.

The goal of the show will be to present a novel, continuous, listening experience, while challenging and surprising listeners, as well as myself. There will be no explicit show-to-show format or style of music played.

Interspersed between songs will be my commentary, part stream-of-consciousness and part explanatory, over selected music, generative musical programs, eating noises, found sounds, etc. Various sound treatments (reverb, delay, distortion, etc.) via computer audio processing will be liberally applied for interest. Guests may make appearances as well for added congeniality and entertainment.


Although at first I thought my long hour-and-a-half busrides home from work bothersome, I think I'm going to miss them, now that's it's over. I always napped throughout the ride, which added a delightfully surrealistic character to it, fading in and out, waking to whatever weird music I had on, and getting confused and a bit frantic about where I actually was and if I'd missed my stop. There was also the pleasure of watching and looking at people. I won't be listening to NPR news in the mornings by default, either, as I did getting a ride with my dad downtown.