October 6, 2006 7:40 AM

The internet is now back in my life. I'm not sure if it's for the better. I've done surprisingly well these last two weeks without it. You don't realize how distracting/detracting it is from physical existence until you just stop for a while. So much of what I did online was habitual and not very important. Hopefully I'll use it more mindfully from now on, if for no other good than a certain state of mind.

Classes have been great. I'm in a program called "Music Composition for the 21st Century." It's fairly self-explanatory. We're expected to write various kinds of works -- a solo, a duet, an ensemble -- and do various readings on modern compositional techniques, improvisation, listening, etc. On the opposite end, I'm in "Musicianship: Piano & Voice." We're learning 'Silent Night,' and how to sing like apes (ga-ga-ga-ga-ga). In the middle is "Advanced Audio Production," my 'professional' class, only insofar that it lets me present the public a front of technical and market-based skill. All is mostly well on the academic side. I'm not working yet, although I wouldn't be too upset if my options didn't come through. I have a lot going already, and it's bound to get bigger: a radio dadaist sound-explosion party, for example, with radio plays, moment-to-moment musical commentary, body sounds, food sounds, and of course music. In short, I'm falling, the scenery's flying past me, and the ground's not getting any closer. It's a good way to be.