October 12, 2006 10:36 PM

I think it's hilarious how illusory my human attractions are. For about a week she hung in my mind, a happy mobile, in my cereal, a blot in my pupils, the colored walls of my idle thoughts. I saw her after a week, on a bright day, her face blotted by the sunlight, a shape of a nose and gums and teeth and raised cheeks. I resisted possessing the moment. It wouldn't have been smart. And then like sunburn she just flaked away. I still remember her, but now naive and unconvinced. And that's how it should start, if it ever starts again. It's also hilarious how much action went around her in my head, and probably nothing remotely like it in hers. She is the key to the perpetual heat-energy head-machinery.

Big weekend ahead! Seattling and radioing. Musicking. Sing!