October 26, 2006 6:37 PM

I've been musicking far more than ever: learning basic theory (triads, dominants, diminuished, etc.), composing (pen under strings on fretboard, screwdriver and metal slide, violin in the stairwell), recording (a redux in my bedroom, now able to record in the 16-track studio). There's a possible musical saw and two (or three!) ridiculously cheap mics in queue. Music jamming too! It's a little overwhelming, water in the ship, but not too seasick. I slept well last night, so that makes it currently OK. The emotions are in line, although they're no more than a spice rack easily rattled. Nothing new, though, and they'll be dealt with. I'm glad to have so many items, points, and figures in mind. That's the singlemost thing I fear, in coming ages and places -- severe stillness and emptiness. But I think as long as I can remember what that means, and how not to fear it but to cultivate things above and in that space, then I'll be fine.