December 17, 2006 9:43 PM

What my new green pants say / Figuring it out

I'm dealing surprisingly well with being home so far. There have been no deep dirge-like walks, me wanting to swim back to windstruck Olympia. I wake at 8, muck around on the computer for a while, eat something, read a little, then take a nap. I really enjoy naps, especially the sensation of going straight to business after being mentally collected for only a few seconds. The rest of the day I divvy up amongst various projects. I'm going to go to the library tomorrow and try to find a book on how to play ukelele properly. Otherwise, I'll just play it as fast as I can like a banjo -- which isn't entirely bad. I wrote a pop song on it today, it seems promising. I'm guiding my pop writing with my voice now. What feels good and right in my throat is largely what leads me.