February 11, 2007 11:15 PM

I'm not sure if I fall in love with people, or with their possibilities, but is there a difference

Of course the gross irony of working out a trivial issue is that it can't be trivial if you have to work it out

Telling the blackness of the train from the blackness of the tunnel/the object and what encapsulates it, it's forever a problem isn't it?

So to start from the beginning: there's the person, a face and body; actions, movements, physical habits, which are somewhat indistinguishable from ethical, political, and philosophical motives. The two are enjoined. One is recognized as both, although most strongly from physicality (the later image is rarely comparatively as clear). Where in these shapes do I exist? Not as an equal member but as a presence, not in their mind but in mine. Or could you say the third domain of a person is that incalculable tubing that is you, seamlessly interleaved between their domains? What can be done about that, probably nothing, it's too much