July 27, 2007 9:19 PM

In the past, being home has made me restless. There simply isn't a lot to do around here, unless I have the willpower to initiate it myself. This time, it seems the problem is loneliness. Normally, I'm a habitual email-checker. But it's a rather dire habit now, since I've sent out a half-dozen a week ago, and few have replied, and I get worried over it. It's small-minded, yet, it happens. It's unfortunate that I have to depend emotionally for this period of time on a generally trivialized mode of communication. I better start writing some letters!

Most of my time here has been spent doing one of several things: record digging, biking (to record-dig, often), or coding. I've been thinking about music, but I haven't spent much time with the 'record' button enabled. All in all, it's been fairly menial. Perhaps that's why I felt a bit entertained when I got lightly side-swiped by a turning car on my bike this afternoon. Or maybe it was because of the gross irony in it, as my dad had been reminding me incessantly the last week to register for health insurance. But it was fine, I got a bruised knot on the leg and a sore ass. I hugged a lady I didn't know. And I actually registered for health insurance tonight. Seemed like a good idea!

Another slightly less threatening accident I got into earlier this week was buying a new bicycle -- somewhat "luckily," it wasn't the bike I got in the collision with, although I was toting its newly-trued wheel on my back at the time. It was $70 at the Salvation Army, a slightly out-of-maintenance KHS Turbo road bike. It rides a lot nicer and lighter than my bike in Washington, although it needs some basic adjustments and cleaning. I'm hoping that I'll actually take better care of this one, and take the time to learn a little bicycle mechanics. It seems a little reckless to be zipping around on a device without knowing a bit about how it stays together, when I rely on its soundness to survive. It will be my second way of deferring to the gracious Hawaii 12pm street-side physics today.