August 22, 2007 5:04 PM

I don't know why there's any controversy regarding humans being supra-animalistic. The answer reveals itself in anyone who has a weakness for caffeine, has mindlessly supressed their desire to eat, and attempts to do something that requires aptitude and patience. Like, changing a tube and installing new tires on a bicycle, for instance. No, that's not a young ape wrestling with a wireframe toy you see in that home's window; it's actually a human, trying to put new tires on rims, sabotaging himself. He'll make some food, eventually; perhaps he will chew it, use a plate.

But at least my bicycle works now. It was so pleasant to ride that it's since made using my older bike an erksome affair. I've actually put off things I need to do waiting for it! Truly, humans, we are a sensible species.