April 27, 2008 1:40 AM

Here is the secret to happiness: a bag of azuki beans. Soak them for a day. Add water, boil them for a while. Add brown sugar. Boil them s'more. Put in a bowl. Eat with a small spoon. OH, I SEE: HI, GOD.

The Internet has borne out probably the most frustrating thing to be ever dealt with by humans -- the ability to empathize with someone without them being in front of you, or even knowing them. There are people I would like to know better, but the fact that they blog, and that I can read it, is hilarious. The whole idea of content vs. form is a fraud. If I don't have the gall to talk to you, I have failed to represent myself; I haven't "said" anything, and I haven't "acted to say" anything -- they are synonymous. Blogs are distressing because they create tragic non-events, which can only remain flat and dead on the screen, because you're breathing in two separate rooms, and no real exchange has happened. Yet, they foster the desire for them, without any resolution, because there is no opportunity to act, or you've failed at every given opportunity already, and that's why you're stuck reading a blog, and not eating dinner with them. Awesome!