May 15, 2008 11:53 PM

This week has been so --------------

(How do you believe that the whole world is made of squares, when it's so obvious that it isn't, and that how you proceed is merely one of an infinite number, yet you absolutely must proceed, onward, as if knowing the difference makes your square vision all right, because if you don't, you will be standing there forever, dead and empty as water)

(I don't believe entirely in squares, but it's sometimes hard to remember it's just a shape)

(there is a whole world in touch I don't understand)

(the brilliant sun arrives)

(I would kill to be less serious)

(Sometimes I choose to do things because I remember I'm young, and I'm supposed to do this when I'm young, that's the deciding factor, my self-awareness of a preexisting narrative, I am a mix-and-bake cake)

(there are two kinds of fiction: the sort you laugh at and the sort you use as maps: sometimes they are they same piece of fiction, laugh/map)-------- long

but I think I'm better for it