October 20, 2008 1:01 AM

not just what is said, but how to say it, but, simultaneously, a question, what to say?

I am not loud, nor brash, but if it strikes me, I will wholeheartedly fake it.

is 'faking it' dishonesty, or just good intentions poorly crafted? (can you appreciate the need for expression beyond my awkwardness?)

or what of well-crafted stuff done without feeling? (can you appreciate the artifice which adorns an emotional nil?)

what do I think or say when brash? and how do I remember it?

the truth can only come out if some kind of consistency is maintained, somewhere.

how do you attain the satisfaction of justice when your open mind accepts all manner of behavior?

pose a conflict, but only to invalidate it, but only by the most fulfilling means.

how would a thug take his tea? the answer approximates how I'd like to exist.