June 18, 2009 1:23 AM

If philosophy is the process of meditating outside your body on your bodily decisions, then art is the public display and active exchange between your ideals and what is physically, immediately possible. That is to say: philosophy is a kind of food you can imagine and salivate about but will never eat, and art is the plain, albeit masterfully constructed cheese sandwich that sits in front of you and will ultimately prove satisfactory. And of course, the best cheese sandwich will force you to ask, "am I still on earth?", and the best philosophy, "what am I eating?"

All things come back to food.

I have this new process of writing letters over the course of several days, and then after some time going back and illustrating these musings, somewhat poorly and in a not particularly well thought-out manner, like a short storybook. I thought you'd like to know, I'm not avoiding writing you, I just have aspirations which perfectly compliment my laziness, so perfectly there is no spillover, and I sit absolutely still.

My problem with the internet and internet experiences, and perhaps many other technological experiences in general, is that there is no sense of my body, or any mass or space for that matter. It is an ether, and it's not fun, or messy (qualities that are deeply related). How did I come upon this YouTube video? People never remember. Unlike when you get in a car accident, and you know you were on the road at point in time, and then you were suddenly swept up and deposited into the wild brush. Even if it happened so quickly, you know were at one place, then another, and you know from experience that there has to be some continuity, that something happened between those two moments, which you're to able to contemplate and eventually reconstruct by some means. You can't replicate the decision-making process to a YouTube video, or at least it's impractically difficult, not to mention pointless, because that video was probably pointless, and nobody could feel good about trying to recover something that ends in such pointlessness.