December 23, 2009 12:46 AM

Cheap Amazon finds and uncashed checks when bored in remote locations, good spending habits do not make. It's so easy to spend less than $10 on a book including shipping; I could buy 3 and feel like I'm on a spree.

Had a rather rough night of food poisoning two days ago. Probably the most cognizant I'd ever been for that experience, very strange to sense yourself losing it to physical, then mental turmoil. It wasn't so bad the first four hours, I thought I had it under control; then it just got nasty, my stomach roiling and forcing me awake, till I was able to empty it.

Today I tried skiing for the first time, up here in Big White B.C. Wasn't too bad at it, but I got bored. The whole resort contrivance is weird beast and I don't know if I care for it, but the Australians are nevertheless nice (somehow three-quarters of the staff here are).

May the man who invented the fake fireplace be crushed by a cord of cast-iron logs.