February 8, 2010 9:10 PM

Things I've learned about dub, since beginning my "DUB OLYMPIA" project (songs by Olympia bands in a dub style):

- On the surface, it's incredibly easy to adapt any melody into a ska/rocksteady/reggae-type shape.

- Executing the deep, shuffling wit of the finest Jamaican musicians all by your clumsy American lonesome is pretty much impossible.

- Dubbing a mix requires an enormous amount of restraint, patience, and imagination, yet needs to sound relaxed and effortless.

- Dub is a music of shadows, hallucinatory, timeshifting, like viewing the world through flickering blinds, appearing and disappearing, blurring and stretching into raw sinew. In taking it apart its essences are revealed.

- Listening to Jamaican dub and trying to pick out the original song's structure is not impossible, and can be extremely entertaining.

- How do they play guitar like that? Or drums?!

- Dub is a conversation between musicians and recording engineers, and pays tribute to both.

- My dub album will be a mere reference to the real thing, but educational to me and hopefully nevertheless enjoyable to others.