December 9, 2011 1:37 AM

It's been a long time since music has gotten to me. His name is Bobby Charles. He snuck up innoculously enough over the store stereo. Suddenly I find myself itching for it like a mosquito bite. Sly, easy-going, warm and inviting, with classic New Orleans casualness. Totally my style.

In a certain way I'm trying to embody what I'm hearing -- don't get hung up on anything, act naturally, relish in the good things, and let the tough ones pass. I don't always get there but I'm trying. The winter is dry and cold this year -- completely out-of-character for the Pacific Northwest, but it's a welcome change. The chill cuts to the bone and forces you to move. I certainly feel busier than I ever have, trading time between my day job, music, recording, and now web development. The last is an exciting addition to my marketable skills, which I for some reason until now didn't realize how valuable they were. Suddenly I feel flush with possibility, and much less worried about simpler concerns. It's actually quite nice!

Here's to new beginnings in the midst of molecular stillness.