June 25, 2012 1:11 AM

Who knew that frustrated, misdirected crushes and heavy fuzz pedals could intermingle so productively? A fallow period of songwriting broken by simple angst. Although I tell myself pain and suffering is not my bag, the truth is that it can work as well as any intellectual motive. Here's to frayed emotional states and smartly-negotiated consumerism!

I'm not going to say I'm "on" to something, because I've said it many times before and it never is the case. It's equally as hard and opaque every time. But it's certainly different in my personal range; perhaps a bit more etched, detached, mechanical. For this one I'm thinking a bit more compositionally than usual, about placement, blending and contrasts. The singing is more to carry the mood than be a centerpiece, although it's hard not to treat it that way. We'll see what happens; I don't want to get overexcited about it.

I've been trying to focus on productivity in general these days. Doing freelance web development part-time necessitates some work strategy, as computer-based work is difficult and a bit psychedelic for me. I've quit coffee for now, trying yerba mate and teas instead; it's actually done wonders to my sleeping patterns. I try switching activities every hour or so, which I think helps. However I still do get self-destructive and self-defeating every so often, which I'm working on. Switching between creative and pragmatic activities helps too, and consciously noting how wasteful and pointless streaming television, a constant temptation, can be, although I will admit that the occasional episode of Doctor Who can be a fun distraction.

A brief YouTube mixtape for you:

Amps For Christ, "Edward"

The Mystic, "Forward With Jah Orthodox"

Pete Drake, "Forever"

Tsehaye Yohannes and Neway Debebe, Unknown Song