June 29, 2015 9:56 PM

So many hot-iron notions steaming up right now. I played music 6 out of 7 days this past week, which hardly registered, in the best way. Fun really is an effervescent gas that lifts you up and over everything. I'm incredibly fortunate to be in a situation where it may bloom as commonly as it does, and I do my best to appreciate it anew every time.

I made my first sourdough loaf this past weekend. I was as surprised as anyone that it came out stupendously beautiful and delicious, with a rich, spackly amber crust, and buttery crumb. I make no claims as to my baking abilities; I'm saying beginner's luck. But it felt easy, like I understood its own little internal chemistry and structure. It bubbled and rose obediently, to finally emerge in its most lovely hard-shelled constitution, pure simple magic. Straight out of the oven, I hovered my nose just above its surface, smelling its radiant heat, and warmed my palms. Hello.

Drunkenly over dinner I watched a few Sound On Sound videos, and was floored to learn about the Funkhaus Berlin, an incredibly gorgeous set of purpose-built studios, only recently being put into use again. Never so badly did I want to be somewhere else. It's strange to think that through sheer willpower and work, such a thing is possible. I'm certainly energized and patient enough to make it there one day.