July 12, 2017 1:18 AM

Hard to believe the last time I wrote here was in December 2015. A lot has happened since 2015. Time doesn't fly, it expands outward like a never-exploding balloon, its outer layers falling away, like dead well-used skin, which we breath back in as fine dust. I recognize myself, but in a different order, and slightly shifted angles. Familiar constellation, but viewed from a new planet, and I'm noticing new stars.

I think I mostly want to remind myself here that it's still important to write. Your voice needs to be used, practiced, if you want to get any good at it. I'm pretty good, or, at least fine with it, but I know could get a lot better. That's my hope, anyway, in returning here.

Some things that haven't changed:

  • My haircut.

  • No new sweaters.

  • I live in Oakland. Love it.

  • Still don't have a driver's license. Hopefully not true beyond this year, though.

Some things that have:

  • Met someone from my past, had a very intense relationship for a few months, a slow-motion break-up for a few months more. It was vividly painful, and wonderfully illuminating. I have never felt so changed by someone else.

  • Experiencing my self-identity across various intersectionalities more noticeably, i.e. race, class, gender. Thanks Laura.

  • Just got seduced by Karl Marx. Never read him, it's blowing my mind a little bit.

  • On the whole, I'm okay. I'm better-oriented now, calmer, more relaxed, in a more enduring, deeper way. I think I've made some actual progress in my spiritual practice since I started, especially when looking back at what I wrote two years ago.

  • Been making a lot of ice cream and preserved lemons.

Anyway, it's late; more soon. Good to talk to you again.