May 28, 2019 11:45 PM

Without explaining too much,

My chest and chest blood are hard thick with the need to be near you but you're across the water so short and shallow what are you doing I want to be what you're doing you're looking at me and you're dancing and learning by looking at what! am I dancing! I feel positively bludgeoned! How can I be honest and I'm being honest striking out on my own collecting sage from the hills and I taste it and smell it and take in this pleasant gallery of sunlight and listen to this near good voice and hold onto emptiness yet I'm also waiting anticipating the very end those last few seconds before you drive off so I clench to you desperately and you desperately to me? Why are we so desperate and for what? I don't want to ever let go why do you let me go please it's okay you must have let go or are holding onto a hidden hand, I open the gate, your car goes, a glory feeling is still in me for a little while and I burn brighter and love it for a little while but it's just a matter of time before my body starts to get rough and thick again and I'm impatient will you visit me