January 22, 2002 6:56 AM

Yesterday I had a great time bowling. I need to do that more often, even though I'm terrible. And I think a prerequisite to work at a bowling alley is to be irate. Undoubtly.

As of last night, I have two songs with both lyrics and melodies. Everything else I said before doesn't matter. Here's the lyrics which I have. Song titles are subject to change also.


I am waiting for you
in the shell of the crimson house
gray suit, shirt, and tie
neatly creased with me inside

I stare out the window
through the dirtied glass
in hopes that I will see you
the sunlight puddles beneath my shoes

I miss you
I'd like to meet you

And the new one, which came to me in the shower.

I'd like to whitewash the world
to sterilize
paint all the trees
for my new set of eyes
I'll bleach all my clothes
and run down the street
with a brush in my hand and a can of white paint

the world is my coloring book

Anyway. Drop me a line and tell me what you think. Sometime soon I'll actually record them.