June 14, 2003 9:30 PM

It's been one of those thickly active days. The show was a pretty intense and weird; there were actually an overwhelming number of people at the show, which was totally unexpected and kind of strange. Our set went well - after the first song the cops showed up - and we were actually using good (i.e., not our) equipment. There were so many bodies in there the store literally was transformed into a sauna. After we aimlessly headed around to satisfy the goal (but not mine) of purposeful inebriation, sitting around and going around until the early morning, where we finally went home and slept for a few hours. In the late morning we went our separate ways, with Nick and I going to my house, accomplishing much jamming. It'll be fun to perform and sing in another band when we start playing shows.

Yep. Hopefully I'll stick to my word and actually put some material up.

I was talking with my parents of various ways I could establish a "family" to make my medical insurance cheaper when I'm no longer covered. I considered marrying a friend, but gay marriages aren't legally recognized. Yet another reason to participate in Kick A Conservative Day (which is every day...).

Oh boy. Those Shins boys never cease to amuse.