February 15, 2004 11:33 PM

So here's how the last hour went:

Decided to try my plan to record in the empty, reverby lobby of the library/office building, which is open all hours of the night.

Piled equipment into bags.

Walked to building.

Set stuff up.

Found out I didn't have headphones.

Slapped head, Homeresque. Hey, nice reverb.

Took stuff down.

Walked back to dorm.

Grabbed headphones.

Walked back to building.

Set stuff up.

Saw shadowy figure in unlit office moving about.

Took stuff down. Quickly.

Walked back to dorm.


I could've overreacted, but it just didn't make enough sense for someone to be working with the lights out unless they were doing something naughty.

Dunno if I'll ever try that plan again.