October 28, 2005 10:32 AM

It's weird how pathological my past crushes are. I find they reoccur in my dreams, even though they're years old. A lot happens in downtown Kailua, or inverted, invented places in Waikiki or Honolulu. I'm not usually sentimental about either of these things, but it's amazing how the imagination can conjure up feelings you can't remember anymore.

Classes are improving. We had our first playback session of our work in Music Technology, and I was impressed by the diversity and inventiveness of everyone else's pieces. Audio Recording is still a struggle, but I'll be getting my studio proficiency next week, and hopefully will be playing around in there soon.

I'm trying hard not to buy so many records. I've bought 3 in the last couple weeks. Somehow working at a radio station has compelled me to own more music (although, by no means, curtailed my downloading). It's not such a bad situation, since I can afford it, but I make myself uncomfortable when I buy them so flippantly.

My plan for Halloween so far: Serge Gainsbourg turning into a lobster.