July 20, 2006 6:20 PM

It's amazing what a little bleach can do!

I've been ramping up in productivity lately. I still haven't started many of my projects, but I'm well into the process of getting the proper supplies. At least I have goals! I've written one skeleton of a song. I was thinking Syd Barrett when I was messing with it, but as it always goes, it sounds nothing like him -- which is precisely what I want happen, really. Screenprinting is getting underway, and will be fully functional once I get those inkjet-printable transparencies. My electrochicanery is still far off -- all I have a is a crusty soldering iron and alligator clips -- but I do have a Casio keyboard that naturally wigs out in the most peculiar fashion. I've accumulated nearly a grand and a leathery neck this summer doing construction, which is nice support for said projects. This is all in preparation for a veritable Evan-producto-explosion, I hope. And new shoes as commencement, I say!