September 20, 2008 12:44 AM

What makes a place interesting isn't what's in it, but the extent to which its residents can coexist in their own heads

However, what makes a burrito good is its grease, oh my god, so greas-eeeeee

I understand the habit and courtesy in asking 'how was _____ (period of time which stretched several days/weeks/months)?' but don't we all know that any coherent answer diminishes/oversimplifies what we actually experienced for the sake of a well-metered response? Need everything be made into 'it was'/'it wasn't'? If we could actually tell you, what would be the point of doing anything at all, right? So you ask me, What kind of fucking knit-picky complaint is that? Stop being so neurotic! But you know it's true, and we're just avoiding having to answer. It's easier to submit ourselves to that minor injustice than to reinvent a conversational prompt.

And then I said "it was good, Reno was the best"

And the only way to know yourself is to destroy your surroundings